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QQbar_threshold computes the top-quark pair production cross section near threshold in electron-positron annihilation at NNNLO in resummed non-relativistic perturbation theory [1, 2]. It includes Higgs, QED, electroweak and non-resonant corrections at various accuracies and a consistent implementation of initial-state radiation. Details can be found in

Please cite these (and possibly other articles, where the theoretical input was first computed) when QQbar_threshold is used for published work.

The functionality of the package can also be used to compute the bound state energies and residues of bottomonium S-wave states and high moments of the bottom production cross section at NNNLO, including the continuum (see M. Beneke, A. Maier, J. Piclum, T. Rauh, Nucl.Phys. B891 (2015) 42-72, arXiv:1411.3132 [hep-ph]).

QQbar_threshold is written in C++ and Wolfram Language. It can be used as a C++ library or through a Mathematica interface.

For questions, comments, and bug reports write to qqbarthreshold@projects.hepforge.org.

Required Software

The following software is used by QQbar_threshold (see the documentation for more details):

In addition, QQbar_threshold requires a compiler complying with the C++11 standard (e.g. g++ 4.8 or higher).


QQbar_threshold is free software distributed under the GNU GPLv3 license.