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load_grid.hpp File Reference

Functions to load precomputed grids. More...

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struct  Et_Gammat_range
 Grid range in rescaled energy and width coordinates. More...




void load_grid (char const *filename)
 Loads a precomputed grid. More...
void load_grid (std::string const &filename)
void load_grid (std::ifstream &&in)
void load_nonresonant_grid (char const *filename)
 Loads a precomputed grid for the non-resonant contribution. More...
void load_nonresonant_grid (std::string const &filename)
void load_nonresonant_grid (std::ifstream &&in)
std::string grid_directory ()
 Get directory with default grids. More...
Et_Gammat_range grid_range ()
 Get grid range. More...

Detailed Description

Functions to load precomputed grids.

Andreas Maier a.mai.nosp@m.er@t.nosp@m.um.de


Copyright 2014, 2015, 2016 Andreas Maier

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